Paris Production Services


Tell us what your specs and budget are and we can find:


    • locations
    • crew,
    • dancers,
    • musicians,
    • actors,
    • extras,
    • costumes,
    • props,
    • equipment for hire,
    • hotel rooms,
    • bars and restaurants,
    • transport, drivers


We will use our linguistic skills to:

  • translate documents from French to English and vice versa;
  • translate text from English to French and vice versa;
  • translate your subtitles etc.,
  • act as interpreters for negotiations;
  • negotiate the best prices for people, locations, hotels etc.




We will deliver practical advice on:

  • legal aspects which may crop up;
  • trades union rules/ pay rates, if they arise;
  • government regulations - if unavoidable.


Financial Aid

We will find you:

    • sponsors/ advertisers-if the case fits the deal,
    • the best currency exchange office.



Experience Counts

    •  We will smooth out all aspects of your visit. 
    •  We know how it works here.
    •  We keep it simple.



Remember, you not only have to speak the language......

You also need to know what to say!




        Let Paris Production Services say it for French...with a smile....

"Thank you from the heart for the wonderful work you did for us."

 Ann Morgan Edwards, Solo TV