Paris Production Services

Planning your Shooting Schedule

Obtaining permissions in France can be a slow process.

Not all film makers understand the often rigid rules which apply in

France for filming in or around monuments, in parks, on streets.

Sometimes permissions take days to come through or involve

restrictions on the day or hour.


With Paris Production Services

helping you, you can get more done in less time.

We can advise you on the advance planning of your shooting schedule

to ensure you obtain permission soon enough in advance of your shoot to

film in the locations of your choice at the hours most convenient to you.

The more you include us in your advance scheduling, the more we can

ensure you get everything you want done-and on time!



Maximum Flexibility/Minimum Frustration

We can also use our experience of the way French administrators

operate in order to obtain their cooperation throughout your schedule-

and to negotiate maximum flexibility for last minute changes of plan.



Time is Money and Time Saved in Paris is for Pleasure

We will use our logistic knowledge of Parisian and French daily, weekly

and seasonal variations-to facilitate your movements from one location

to another in order to keep to time.



And Post Production?

We can find you the stills for your montages to save you time on the

hoof or on the Web.We can also find you, at reasonable rates,

local music sound tracks to back your final edit.

We can find you local voices for your sound track, live or recorded.



And...Need a place to work out or enjoy a good meal at a fair price?

We can recommend you....


Paris Production Services sorts it out with a smile.